CAMRA North East Region: Pub of the Year, Club of the Year & Cider Pub of the Year 2015 Results.

Pub of the Year:

1st:          Steamboat          (Sunderland  & South Tyneside CAMRA)

2nd:         Old Elm Tree      (Durham CAMRA)

3rd:         Quaker House   (Darlington CAMRA)


Cider Pub of the Year:

1st:          Tannery               (Tyneside & Northumberland CAMRA)

2nd:         Black Lion            (Durham CAMRA)

3rd:         Rat Race               (Cleveland CAMRA)


Club of the Year:

1st:          Darlington Snooker Club               (Darlington CAMRA)

2nd:         Haltwhistle Comrades Club          (Tyneside & Northumberland CAMRA)

3rd           Newcastle Cricket Club                  (Tyneside & Northumberland CAMRA)


The three winners are now entered alongside the wining Pubs/Clubs of CAMRA’s other 15 regions around the country into the CAMRA National Pub, Cider Pub & Club of the Year award.

Sunderland & South Tyneside CAMRA wish all three winners good fortune at the next stage, but we are particularly excited that our own branch Pub of the Year: “The Steamboat” has progressed this far.

The Last 16 Cider Pubs & Clubs has not been announced yet but details of the 16 finalists in the National Pub of the Year award is listed HERE.