Sunderland Octoberfest 2015 News: Festival Theme

Each years CAMRA’s Sunderland Octoberfest has a theme.

In recent years we’ve focused on a forgotten “Sunderland Hero” with a relevant anniversary.

Last year it was the 100th anniversary of the death of inventor & scientist Sir Joseph Swann. In 2013 the 100th anniversary of the death of diver & marine rescue hero Harry Watts.



This year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of military hero Ernest Vaux veteran of the Boar War (1900-01). Where he commanded the Maxim Gun Troop of the Imperial Yeomanry on over 80 missions!

In celebration of his safe return hone his (brewing) family createdTshirtBackVaux2015 a new ale called “Maxim Ale” which developed into “Double Maxim” the iconic Sunderland brewed beer known internationally & still brewed today by one of our festival sponsors, Maxim Brewery.

Ernest Vaux went on & 100 years ago was again in action as the colonel commanding the 7th Batalion (TA) of the DLI, a unit made up almost entity of Sunderland men.

Please take time to find  out a bit more about this “Sunderland Hero” HERE or HERE (Illustrations & Photos.