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Is your glass half full or half empty?

Is your glass half full or half empty?

You know of a pub in our area that now sells Real Ale and we’ve missed it…

  • You know about a pub that no longer sells Real Ale!
  • If your local pub is running a Beer Festival, Real Ale or Charity Event so we can help publicise it.
  • If you have any pub related information you wish to pass onto us, quote “#PubInfo” in the subject of our contact form.
    This also includes information on Pubs closing, or reopening, change of use or demolition.

    You can also send more general information to this address, or just to say Hello!


FourKeyCampaignsSAVE YOUR PUB! Are you an individual or a member of a group fighting to save your local pub from closure, change of use or demolition? CAMRA may be able to help you in your fight! Get in touch straight away as time counts! You do not need to be a CAMRA member nor does the pub you are trying to save need to be a “Real Ale” or “CAMRA” pub.

Contact us & quote “#Save Our Pub!”
Also visit: Protecting and Saving Pubs, which is a CAMRA website containing help and advice on how to begin the fight save your Local!


All help and information is appreciated.
All information sent is acted on & often passed on to those members present at the next monthly Branch meeting or passed on via social media. Not all emails can be acknowledged but they are all redirected into group/individual emails so they are seen by (all) the relevant committee members.

Think we have something wrong on these pages? If so please get in touch and quote #webmaster

Branch Contacts

Enter the "hashtag" as quoted anywhere into the subject line of the contact form (below) to direct your message to that individual.
Multiple hashtags can be used if you wish.
Messages with no hashtag in the subject line go initially to "Misc. Online Contact" who will forward to the appropriate contact(s) }
Role in Branch
Name(s)Contact #hashtag
ChairMichael Wynne#chair
SecretaryLynn Dobson#secretary
TreasurerSteve Drummond#treasurer
Pubs OfficerKen Paul#pubsofficer
Pubs Preservation OfficerDave Craggs#pubpreservation
Cider OfficerSteve Clough#cider
Membership SecretaryPhil Hughes#members
Social SecretaryRobin Sanderson#social
CAMRA Angle Editorial TeamSid Dobson
Ken Paul
Webmaster & Social MediaIan Monteith-Preston#online
All CommitteeAll#committee
BLO for Darwin Brewery
Michael Wynne#BLOdarwin
BLO for Maxim BreweryIan Monteith-Preston#BLOmaxim
Advertising/Sponsorship Ken Paul
Robin Sanderson
Dave Brazier
Keith Lakeman
Misc. Online ContactIan Monteith-PrestonNo hashtag required

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