Final reminder: Pub/Club of the Year 2018 vote

Email from branch chairman:

Dear Branch Member

Final Reminder, disregard if you have already voted.
This letter is to make you aware that the voting website for Sunderland & South Tyneside “Pub of the Year” & “Club of the Year” 2018 is still open. Voting will close at midnight Saturday 6th January 2018

Voting is via the voting website which can be found at

In order to logon you will need your CAMRA membership number (available from your membership card) & the password you use to logon to all official CAMRA websites. You also need to be a member of Sunderland & South Tyneside branch. If you have not recently logged on to any CAMRA website you may first need to visit the CAMRA member’s website at & setup a new password. (CAMRA HQ has made this task very simple)

Once you have access to the branch voting site you can vote for upto three pubs & upto three clubs from the drop down menus. {You must vote for a minimum of one pub before your vote will be accepted.}

After you have made your choice you will be offered on screen a chance to review & change your choice(s) or exit without submitting a vote. However once you have submitted a vote you will not be able to log back on & make any change.

The choice of pubs on the ballot sheet is limited to those pubs the branch has entered into the 2018 edition of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. (22 pubs)

The choice of clubs is made up of all clubs within the branch area that serve cask ale. (6 clubs)

As branch Chair I encourage you to take part & vote online. Sunderland & South Tyneside branch enjoy one of the highest voter turnouts nationally for this competition & we want to continue in that direction. Also despite the branch now having over 640 members we find each year that this vote can be incredibly close so every vote can make a difference to the final positions.

If you have any problems using the site or concerns with the online vote please contact the branch ballot returning officer on for assistance

Note: This is a secret ballot. When you logon the only data made available to the branch is your CAMRA membership number. This is stored separately from the votes cast but retained for three reasons:
           (1)    For use on the website to ensure each member can only vote once
           (2)    For audit trail purposes.
           (3)    To reconcile online votes with any postal votes received.

The only branch member able to link a membership number to an individual is the Membership Secretary who is not involved in managing this ballot. He is also aware of his responsibilities under the Data Protection Act.

Thank you for your votes.

Michael Wynne
Chairman, Sunderland & South Tyneside CAMRA.