Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2016: Congratulations to Darwin Brewery

Earlier this week at the National Winter Beer Festival in Derby the judging of the Champion Winter Beer of Britain took place.

Winter beers are those beers classified by CAMRA as “Porters”, “Stouts”, “Barley Wine Strong Old Ales” & “Old Ale Strong Milds”

The full results are available on the CAMRA National website & Sunderland & South Tyneside CAMRA are delighted to report Darwin Brewery, of Sunderland, were one of the eight finalists (see below) in the overall “Champion Winter Beer of Britain” competition.

Darwin had reached the final “Overall Champion” competition as a winner of a Gold medal in the “Barley Wine Strong Old Ales” category with Extinction Ale 8.3% ABV. Our congratulations for this achievement. Yesterday at the North East regional meeting NE Regional Director Dave Brazier was handed Darwin’s Gold certificate by a CAMRA HQ representative. So watch this space for details of the future presentation to Darwin.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all CAMRA members who took part & voted online in the annual Champion Beer of Britain nomination process. It is these nominations by grass roots CAMRA members that put local beers into these competitions. If you are a member & didn’t vote last year we hope this success demonstrates a good reason to vote later this year.

Put through to final judging for Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2016:
Darwin, Extinction Ale
Marble, Chocolate Marble
Facer’s North Star Porter
Wibblers, Crafty Stoat
Tring, Death or Glory
Old Diary, Snow Top
Elland, 1872 Porter
Plain Ales, Inncognito

CAMRA also announced next years 2017 National Winter Beer Festival will be held in Norwich.