The Pubs of South Shields (Then & Now)

CAMRA member & regular contributor to our branch magazine “CAMRA Angle” Terry Ford has made a double DVD called the “The Pubs of South Shields (Then and Now)“

A historical journey though the pubs of South Shields from the 1800s to the present day.  There are over 800 photographs of 241 pubs covering 5 different areas:
1 Riverside and Lawe Top
2 Holborn and Mill Dam
3 Ocean Road through to West Harton
4 Market and Town Centre
5 Twentieth century pubs (mainly)
It is a double DVD total running time 3 hours 30 minutes


“For anyone who has an interest in the history of South Shields, (and pubs are a big part of that), this is a must-see collection. Each DVD presents an easy to follow narrative, humorous at times, and gives you not only old photos of the pubs themselves, but also shows you the site now, if the pub has closed. Terry Ford is a meticulous researcher, and the end result is a fascinating and light hearted account of the drinking history of the town. Highly recommended.”
John Orton – author of The Five Stone Steps, A Chill Wind off the Tyne and Blitz Pams.)
“This set of DVDs is a must for anyone with an interest in the pubs of South Shields, Past and Present. It is well researched, beautifully illustrated and edited in such a way that portrays where many of the long gone pubs would have stood today. The presentation is cleverly put together as a ‘journey through time’ narrative between two colourful local characters.”
Les Snaith – South Shields Pubs the Definitive List by Les Snaith (Facebook)

The DVD is on sale at The Word shop and Age Concern Beach Rd/Anderson St
(both in South Shields) & Terry has also left a copy in The Steamboat, The Marine and The Britannia in South Shields . If anyone knows of any more pubs that may be interested, please contact Terry below.

Also use the form below to contact Terry if you’d like a copy (£10 plus £2.50 p&p)