Pub Status

This page is intended to monitor the reopening of pubs in our branch area following the easing of COVID19 restrictions in the Spring/Summer 2021.

The content is based on reports & updates received from branch members, publicans & members of the public. The information is a guide only & before visiting a venue we recommend you check with them direct.

We rely on your updates to this information & thank you in advance for taking the time to get involved. They should be actioned within 24hr but we may not have a chance to send everyone an acknowledgement.

You can send an update by:

  • Using the “Submit Updates” tab on the pubs WhatPub entry.
  • Completing the “Pub Status Update” form (below) at the bottom of this page.
  • Send us an email (click on the “envelope” icon at the top or bottom right of this page).
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Pub Status (Real Ale)

Current status of pubs selling real ale prior to COVID19
TownVenue NameOpen StatusDate From Comments
CleadonCottage TavernOPENMay 17th
CleadonNew ShipOPEN
CleadonToby CarveryOPENMay 17thBooking Required
East BoldonBeggars Bridge Bar & KitchenOPEN
East BoldonBoldon Cricket ClubOPENMay 17th
East BoldonGrey HorseOPEN
East BoldonMid Bolden ClubOPENMay 17th
HebburnCock Crow InnOPENBooking Required
HebburnDougie's TavernOPEN
Houghton-le-SpringCopt HillOPEN
Houghton-Le-SpringHoughton Rugby ClubOPEN
Houghton-le-SpringWild BoarOPENMay 17th
JarrowAlbion Gin & Ale HouseOPEN
JarrowBen LomondOPENMay 17thBook ahead for guarenteed table
JarrowLakeside InnOPEN
JarrowLord Nelson InnOPEN
JarrowPrince of WalesOPENBooking Required
NewbottleSun InnOPENMay 17thBooking for Amalfi
PenshawMonumentOPENMay 17th
PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Cricket & Community ClubOPEN
RyhopeCatholic ClubOPENMay 17th
RyhopeGuide PostOPEN
RyhopeRailway InnOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsAddressOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsAlum Ale HouseOPEN
South ShieldsBamburghOPENBooking Required
South ShieldsBrewers Fayre Cinder PathOPENMay 17thBook ahead for guarenteed table
South ShieldsCask LoungeOPENBooking Required
South ShieldsCriterionOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsCyprus HotelOPEN
South ShieldsDolly PeelOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsFountainOPENMay 17thBook ahead for guarenteed table
South ShieldsHarbour LightsOPEN
South ShieldsHarley's BarOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsHarton Hop HouseOPENBooking Required
South ShieldsHogarthsOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsLittle Haven HotelOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsMaltingsOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsMarineOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsNew Crown HotelOPENBooking Required
South ShieldsOld ShipOPEN
South ShieldsOne More Than Two BreweryOPENBooking Required
South ShieldsPierOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsPlatform 33 (Rattler)OPENBooking Required
South ShieldsRiverview Pub & KitchenOPEN
South ShieldsStags HeadOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsSteamboatOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsTrimmers ArmsOPENLimited Walk in, prebook prefered
South ShieldsVigilantOPENMay 17th
South ShieldsVoyagerOPENMay 21st
South ShieldsWouldhaveOPEN
SunderlandAshbrooke Sports ClubOPEN
SunderlandBlue BellOPENBooking Required
SunderlandBoard InnOPEN
SunderlandBrewers Fayre The WessingtonOPEN
SunderlandChaplinsOPENMay 17th
SunderlandChestersOPENBooking Required
SunderlandCliffOPENMay 17thBook ahead for guarenteed table
SunderlandCooper RoseBEING REFURBISHEDFrom June 21st
SunderlandEngine RoomBEING REFURBISHED
SunderlandFitzgeraldsOPENBooking Required
SunderlandGrangeOPENMay 17thBook ahead for guarenteed table
SunderlandGrannie Annie'sOPEN
SunderlandHarbour ViewOPEN
SunderlandIvy HouseOPEN
SunderlandKings ArmsOPEN
SunderlandLighthouseOPENMay 17th
SunderlandMill Italian KitchenOPEN
SunderlandMill View ClubOPENMay 17th
SunderlandMuseum VaultsOPENLimited Places and Hours
SunderlandNew DerbyOPENMay 17thBook ahead for guarenteed table
SunderlandOak Tree FarmOPENBooking Required
SunderlandPeacock (Londonderry)OPENMay 17th
SunderlandPoetic LicenseOPENLimited Walk in, prebook prefered
SunderlandPort of CallOPEN
SunderlandPromenadeOPENBooking Required
SunderlandQueen VicOPENMay 17th
SunderlandRosedeneOPENMay 17thBook ahead for guarenteed table
SunderlandRyhope Catholic ClubOPEN
SunderlandSaltgrassOPENBooking Required
SunderlandShip Isis (Isis/Livingstons)OPEN
SunderlandStumble InnOPENMay 17th
SunderlandToby CarveryOPENMay 17thBooking Required
SunderlandVesta TilleysOPENMay 17th
SunderlandVictorsOPENMay 17th
SunderlandWilliam JamesonOPEN
SunderlandWolseyOPENLimited walk In, pre bopk required
WashingtonBiddick InnOPEN
WashingtonCross KeysOPEN
WashingtonMill HouseOPENBooking required
WashingtonSir William De WessyngtonOPEN
WashingtonStepsOPENMay 17th
WashingtonTeal FarmOPEN
WashingtonToby CarveryOPENMay 17thBooking Required
WashingtonWashington ArmsOPENBooking Required
WashingtonWearside FarmOPENMay 17thBooking Required
West BoldonBlack HorseOPEN
West BoldonRed LionOPEN
West HerringtonStablesOPEN
WhitburnBlues MicropubOPEN
WhitburnJolly SailorOPEN


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